About Us

My wife is from Botswana and over the years has seen the number of people visiting Botswana increase especially to see the wildlife.

Myself, I'm from the UK and had no idea about how beautiful this country is until I met my wife and she took me for a holiday to her homeland. I was surprised and amazed (and also glad that I had a camera) to see this wonderful country and meet many nice people. I have since been back quite a few times. I have done a couple of safaris and intend to do more as Botswana has so much to see that one trip just isn't enough.

We decided that we would start up a safari business and promote it as much as we can and try and get even more people to see this wonderful country and by doing a safari this is the best way to do it, just make sure to bring your camera and you will be able to show your friends and family what a truly amazing holiday you've had.

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